TUC to offer new programmes

Turkana University College in partnership with Morendat Institute of Oil and Gas to offer the following programmes, which have been declared by KUCCPS Diploma in Oil, Diploma in Gas Economics, Diploma in Oil and Gas and Diploma in Welding.

Turkana University College senior members of staff visited MIOG on 31st January 2018 represented by Prof. Tom Nyamache (Ag.Ag Deputy Principal (ASA)), Dr. Peter Edome (Ag. Dean School of Science) and Mr Darius Bosire (Ag. Dean School of Business and Economics) . The MIOG team was represented by Prof. Jane Ngila Deputy Director.MIOG.

The two teams refined the three programmes .

Signing of MOU, MOE and MOF between Turkana University College and Turkana Basin Institute

Signing of MOU, MOE and MOF between Turkana University College and Turkana Basin Institute and Hosting visitors from Case Western Reserve University USA.

On 17th March 2018, Turkana University College and Turkana Basin Institute witnessed the signing of MOU, MOE and MOF between the two Institutions. Msc. Evolution Human Biology a programme on the basis, on which the three documents were signed, will be serviced by adjunct professors from USA, specialized in evolution human biology hence making it a global programme. The programme will be housed in school of science.

In addition, Turkana University College was privileged to host two visitors from Case Western Reserve University, USA. Prof. Glenn D. Starkman,(Institution of the Science of Origins) Professor of Physics & Astronomy, he is also the Director, Center for Education & Research in Cosmology & Astrophysics and Dr. P. Prince house, Director, Evolutionary Biology Program.

The brain child behind these initiative Prof.Nengo Director TBI,  emphasized on establishing a strong academics alliances and TBI could act as a catalyst in linking TUC  with other Universities and Institutions around the World.

The visiting professor,  Prof.Starkman said that he would be interested in collaborating with TUC and TBI in areas like Renewable Energy, Water Technology and Tropical diseases.



Turkana University College (TUC), in conjunction with Turkana Basin Institute (TBI)
wishes to extend partial scholarships to students’ who want to pursue MSc in Human
Evolutionary Biology.
Turkana University College was inaugurated on the 27th January, 2017 as a Constituent
College of Masinde Muliro of Science and Technology. This is the first Public
University to be established in the vast resource rich area of North Western Kenya and
also the first University in Africa to offer MSc in Human Evolutionary Biology.
The programme will be taught by World Experts in Human Evolution from USA at
Turkana University College and Research experience offered at Turkana Basin Institute.
Minimum University Requirements
a) Relevant academic bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, Archeology
or Anthropology.
b) Upper second class honours or cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)
of 3.00 on a scale of 4.00.
c) Lower second class honours or a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)
of 2.50 on a scale of 4.00 with additional relevant training, evidence of
research capability either through research, paper presentations or peer
reviewed publications and relevant working experience.
d) Relevant postgraduate Diploma.
Applications should be made by filling application form available on our website
www.tuc.ac.ke not later than 20th December, 2018.
Please note that the scholarship program on MSc in Human Evolutionary Biology is
tenable only at Turkana University College and students from around the world are
eligible to apply
Turkana University College
+254 (0789 399 751)
+254 (0724 178 505)
Lodwar – Kitale Highway
P.O. Box 69-30500
University College



Turkana University College on 19 June 2018 signed a memorandum of understanding with a USA based institution to support university students in various fields of study experts. The fields include oil, water and irrigation, and health disciplines. The associate pastor with Houston northwest church Mr. Chris Hall said they intend to bring professionals in oil and research because of recent development in the oil sector in the county.
The Ag. Deputy Principal Prof Charles Mutai said that the support of the missionaries would enhance the institution standing .He also mentioned that the university seeks to produce morally upright and well-behaved students because is what the modern employer and the country is looking for.

Turkana University Starts First Ever Masters Degree Programme In Human Evolutionary Biology

Turkana University Starts First Ever Masters Degree Programme In Human Evolutionary Biology

Turkana University College, in collaboration with Turkana Basin Institute, is set to become the first African university to offer a masters degree programme in human evolutionary biology.
The varsity will start offering the course January 2019. The master degree will target students with a degree or relevant postgraduate diploma in biological sciences, archaeology or anthropology.
The University College Principal , Prof. Thomas Akuja, said, ”This is the only African university to offer a master’s programme in Human Evolution Biology, he said, adding that the University college lecturers are world experts in this subject, thus guaranteeing the students an education that is relevant in today’s world.
The university college has developed the program’s curriculum with Turkana basin institute which has over 10 years in palaeoanthropology research expertise. The institute is offering a partial scholarship equivalent to two semesters; tuition and accommodation catered for at TBI’s Turkwel Facility where the classes will also be held.
According to Prof. Isaiah Nengo, Associate Director of Turkana basin institute, “The scholarship will benefit five students who will be joining the Stony Brook University students in their classes and field studies. They will be getting an American education without leaving Turkana.”
The new programme covers subject areas like Human Evolution, Archaeological Field Methodology, Prehistory archaeology of Africa, Environment, Ecosystem and Evolution, and Sedimentary Geology and Geochronology, to ensure the students become competent researchers with this added knowledge.
“Africa is the cradle of humanity and a large chunk of the solid evidence providing this fundamental evidence on origins and Evolutions of humans based on vast fossils and archaeological evidence found at the Turkana Basin Institute (TBI),” said Dr. Peter Edome, the Dean of Science at Turkana University College.
Prof. Nengo added that some of the most significant evidence tells the scientific story of human origins comes from Kenya, but to date there has been no degree programme at any level on the subject in the entire country.
Dr Edome further added that with investment, the unique human heritage could be used to support Museum and heritage tourism industry creating significant numbers of jobs.

TUC Inaguration

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