Stephen O. Odebero is Associate Professor of Education Planning, in the Department of Education Planning and Management at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. He is a trained education manager and is currently seconded to Turkana University College as the founding Deputy Principal in charge of Administration, Finance, and Planning in an acting capacity. He is re-known for having founded the Directorate of Open and Distance e-Learning (ODeL) at MMUST that has become the cornerstone of teaching and learning during this time of COVID 19 pandemic. Prof. Odebero was the first Kenyan trained scholar to graduate with a PhD in Education Planning where his thesis Equity in Access to University   Education in Kenya through HELB Loans in Relation to Demand Supply and Effectiveness in Loan Recovery was feted by Egerton University as the best overall thesis in the Faculty of Education submitted on real-time. He also holds a Masters in Planning and Economics of Education from Maseno University where his thesis, Equity Implications of Bursary as a Method of Financing Secondary school Education in Busia District, Kenya saw him as the top graduant. He went through the A level system where he emerged the top student nationally in History P3. He is currently appointed by the Cabinet Secretary for education on a National assignment to serve on the Task Force on Curriculum Reforms Implementation for the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) where he serves as the Vice-Chair.


He has authored over 75 scholarly works of international standing 6 of which are university-level textbooks. Some of his most outstanding works include Education inequalities and Opportunities in the East African Region, 2nd ed.’ In SID, East African Integration: Dynamics of Equity in Trade, Education, Media, and Labour. A revered scholar of the millennium. Prof Odebero was Kenya’s representative to the African Higher Education Collaborative (AHEC), a Division of the Council of International Exchange of Scholars (CIES). He is a founder member of the Education Management Society of Kenya (a professional body) where he also served as chair, vice-chair, and chief editor of the EMSK Journal.

Prof. Odebero has chaired and served on several boards of management in Matili Technical Institute, Sigalame high school, Musingu High School, Bumbe Technical and the County Education Board (CEB) of Busia. He also served on the National Committee for TIVET master Plan.

Odebero is fondly remembered for leading a scientific study that re-invented Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology when it faced high operational costs.  In 2014, the University Management Board (UMB) appointed him as lead researcher for the university-wide study on ‘optimal operation of functional units in MMUST: towards a cost recovery strategy.’ The report was a gateway to the cost-cutting measures that revived the university.

On the international scene, he undertook a consultancy with the Frankfurt school of finance (FSF) based in Germany on the strategic capacity assessment of the Kenya Institute of Bankers (KIB) where he was a lead expert in charge of market knowledge and curriculum development. He was also the leading education consultant with Deloitte & Touch on Lake Region economic blueprint where he was a consultant on the education sector.

Prof. Odebero has attended major international conferences, workshops, and seminars. Because of his track record of scholarship in the area of Higher Education, he was nominated by the Ministry of education through the office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic Affairs, to attend the Seminar for presidents of universities in Anglophone African countries held in the Peoples’ Republic of China where he also addressed the 3rd meeting of China-Africa think tanks forum in Beijing (see He has attracted major research funds from local and international agencies. In 2014, he was funded by DAAD to a 3 months research stay at the University of Leipzig’s research academy to study causes of unequal cross-border higher education student’s mobility in the East African Community. He contributed a book chapter on ‘the place of MOOCs in Africa’s higher education: bridging the digital divide or widening it?’ in Fredrick M. Nafukho, and Beverly J. Irby (2015) Handbook of Research on Innovative Integration of Technology in Higher Education published in the US. He gave a mind-boggling executive interview on e-learning to Elice  Global Conference in 2016 that has attracted global attention (see He believes in honest talk for it will set you free.