Dr. Peter Edome Akwee, PhD.

PhD in Botany (Molecular Genetics), MSc. (Biology), B.Ed. Science

(Botany and Chemistry) First Class  Honors.

School of Science

Turkana University College

(A Constituent College of Masinde Muliro University of  Science and


About Me

I am a molecular scientist in the area of molecular genetics. This entails studying of specific genomic DNA that carries specific hereditary information among organisms and how directly affects certain traits.

My doctoral research studies were grounded in theories and application of molecular techniques in studying genetic diversity of organisms.

My research study was on overall understanding the genetic variability of taro germplasm accessions (Colocasia esculenta L. (Schott) using molecular based simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers.

Microsatellites loci analysis are the most informative and exhaustive primers that would be useful in marker-assisted selection, gene mapping and tagging for useful traits. This could serve as a genetic benchmark for comparative genetic diversity among taro genotypes hence broadens the genetic base information.

Studying germplasm variability at molecular level is very fundamental in their description and molecular marker is a tag of a particular aspect of phenotype and genotype whose inheritance can be traced from one generation to another. My teaching philosophy is that teaching profession is a call and deserves an honor.

My philosophy is based on respect for the expertise and diversity of learning styles and educational goals of the students with whom I have the privilege of engaging in a co-learning experience.

I have a student-oriented approach to the extent that I strive for students to get the best possible product out of me. Over the last ten (10) years at the university, I have published several peer-reviewed articles and participated in numerous conference presentations.