Name :                                      Evans Otieno

Qualifcation:                           MA Project Planning and Management, BA.MATH ECON

Academic Position:               Assistant Lecturer

University Responsibility:  Turkana University College Research and Development Coordinator



• Engage in individual and collaborative research, establishing a distinctive programme of

research and disseminating results through regular publications in high impact journals, books and conference proceedings.

• Apply, as Principal or Co-Investigator, to appropriate external bodies for research funding

and manage grants awarded.

• Supervise research Turkana University College students and staff as required, providing direction, support and guidance.

• Design and deliver a range of teaching materials at undergraduate and postgraduate

levels, including contribution to curriculum review and enhancement, in a manner that supports a research-led approach to student learning.

• Undertake student assessment and examination activities, including the provision of

appropriate feedback to students.

• Develop knowledge exchange activities by, for example, establishing research and/or

educational links with industry and influencing public policy and the professions.