The 1st  Ramgarhia Youth Association (RYA)team to visit Turkana University College.
A team from Ramgarhia Youth Association  (RYA) Mr. Inderjit Singh Thethy (chairman) and Mr. Himath Singh Gahir (Vice chairman)paid a courtesy call to Turkana University College and nearby areas within the community on 14th June 2019 to conduct a survey on the sinking of a borehole.
The Ramgarhia Youth Association is a subcommittee of the East Africa Ramgarhia Board. The Association is run by a team of committed and dedicated middle-aged volunteers from a diverse professional background. The association has continued with the provision of water boreholes, Financial, Medical, and educational support to the underprivileged members of the society.

To date, the RYA has commissioned 16 water boreholes within the arid areas of the different counties with the assistance of international and Local Association.
The survey was conducted in the following areas Turkana University College, Canaan,AIC, Canaan, widow camp,
lolupe,Nayuu,Nayuu, Natotol, Eliye, Natiir
Nakoriongora, and Napadapa/Namoru.

The Turkana University College Principal, Professor Akuja appreciated the noble gesture made by the Ramgarhia Youth Association to see the need for providing water boreholes within the arid areas of the country. This will actually transform economic, Social and general welfare of the Students and the entire Turkana Community says Prof. Akuja.
The Chairman, Mr. Inderjit Singh Thethy and the vice chairman, Mr. Himath Singh Gahir have promised to donate foodstuff to the students.

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