School of Education

About the School

School of Education houses one academic program i.e. -Bachelor of Education (Arts) B. Ed (Arts). We are adding more academics programs soon.


School of Education has one department i.e. Educational Foundations.

Academics programs

The School has one Academic program i.e. Bachelor of Education Arts .

School Staff

The School has the following staff:

  1. Tom Nyamache-Ag.Dean
  2. Elias Kipsaat-Tutorial Fellow
  3. Dorcas Ekitela-School Administrator

Ag.Dean Profile

Prof.Tom Nyamache is an Associate Professor, School of Business and Economics, at Turkana University College.

He serves currently as the Ag.Dean School of Education, Turkana University College.

Prof Nyamache has more than 15 years of teaching, research and Administrative experience. He has authored and contributed many research papers in peer review journals. He is the author of “Corporate Restructuring in Kenya: A mergers and Acquisition approach”. His areas of research include: World Bank aspects, international financial institutions, poverty alleviation and financial integrations.


Prof. Tom Mokweri Nyamache

AG  dean school  of education

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