Turkana University College recognizes the critical role that ICT plays in the knowledge era. Education is a key pillar in the promotion of a knowledge society, however for education to play its critical role, ICT has been identified as an enabler. Turkana University College envisions being an esteemed institution in teaching, research and community service. To realize this the University College has developed a strategic plan which acknowledges ICT as critical to the implementation of its strategies.

To expand the ICT capacity in the institution, the management sought audience with the ICT Authority. This was meant to connect the institution to the National Fiber Optic Cable, therefore, ensuring enhance speed, efficiency and reliability in internet connectivity. The institution was thus delighted to host the delegation from the ICT Authority lead by the CEO, Dr. Catherine Gateo, EBS, Mr. Paul Rotich, Director of Programmes, Shared Programmes and Services Mr. Michael Odhiambo and PA, Ms. Lucy Marangu who paid a courtesy call to Turkana University College.

The CEO Dr. Catherine Gateo informed the University College Management that a Fiber Cable will soon be installed at Turkana University College to increase the internet capacity at institution. The increased internet capacity will enable better teaching and learning and research for student and lecturers. The CEO encouraged Turkana University College to start short computer courses for primary and secondary head teachers.

The University College Management was represented by a team of academic and non-academic staff lead by the Register Administration, Dr. Hendry Ongori. The management team thanked the ICT Authority team for the visit and the commitment to ensure that the University College is connected to the Fiber Cable. The University College Management reiterated its commitment to working with all stakeholders in promoting the National agenda while remaining sensitive to the immediate needs of the local community. The Registrar noted that the University College was well equipped and placed to offer basic programmes in ICT to the educational institution managers. Turkana University College will therefore endeavor to organize ICT programmes for the Head Teachers and Principals in the County and beyond.