Bishop Mahon Basketball Memorial Tournament

Turkana University College basketball team participated in a memorial tournament held from 11th to 13th November 2023 at Bishop Mahon Community Center. The event was organized by Bishop Mahon Teachers Center in honor of Bishop Mahon.

The team leader (job Simiyu) presenting the trophy to the Principal (Prof. George Cheminingw’a)

          The team leader (job Simiyu ) presenting the trophy to the Principal (Prof. George Cheminingw’a)

Teams of men and women represented the University College. The teams faced off against other teams that were invited, such as Bishop Mahon Teachers Training College (BMTTC) and Brick Layers Basketball Club (BLBC). The majority of the matches were won by Turkana University College, who became the champions. The University men's team(Backyard Ballers) defeated Brick Layers 76 points to 54 points in their matchup. The TUC squad defeated BMTTC 115 points to 37 points in their matchup. As a result, the group won a trophy for finishing first among the men's teams. In the women's category, TUC team emerged runners-up.