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Orientation of Postgraduate Students

Orientation of Postgraduate Students

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Postgraduate Library

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Dr. Miriti Gervasio

Director, Postgraduate Studies

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Turkana University College has established the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies. The Directorate of Postgraduate Studies is keen, committed and focused in ensuring academic excellence through provision of quality postgraduate education, research and innovation. The Directorate is also keen on timely completion of postgraduate studies by our postgraduate students through quality teaching and supervision strict adherence to the policy provisions, relevant regulations and guidelines that aim at improving the completion rate and at the same time without compromising on the quality of the research. Our guiding principle is the production of holistic graduands capable of tackling the challenges facing our contemporary society and ultimately transforming it through research and innovation. The directorate is committed to continual growth in students enrolment and enhanced graduation rates.

The Directorate activities are coordinated by a Board that is mandated to execute the following duties:

a) Co-ordinating the establishment and development of graduate programmes in fields and subjects of study along approved guidelines and in conformity with the general university regulations for higher degrees and university mission.

b) Co-ordinating graduate academic programmes and regulations relating to graduate studies.

c) Co-ordinating the admission of graduate students and the conduct of graduate programmes including examinations and award of graduate certificates, diplomas and degrees.

d) Co-ordinating matters pertaining to the welfare of graduate students.

e) Co-ordinating the publicity of graduate programmes within and beyond Kenya.

f) Providing stimulation and support of mutually engaged staff members and graduate students who share a common interest.

g) Encouraging publication and dissemination of research findings and ensure that patents and other intellectual property rights are secured where appropriate.

Being a young institution with a lot of prospects, we encourage students to enroll in the various programmes domiciled in the following schools:

Finally, it is worth noting that our academic staff have demonstrated excellence in matters research, mentoring of students and quality publication and therefore the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies and the Postgraduate Board would wish to guarantee our continuing and prospective students of our commitment towards academic excellence, research and mentorship.


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