Dean of students

Rev. Jackson Iruko

Ag. Dean of Students

    Welcome to Turkana University College Student Affairs Department. The office of the Dean of Students works closely with the office of the Deputy Principal Academics & Students Affair in ensuring that the students are well taken care off emotionally, physically and academically. The office provides continuous support to students through the various units listed below:

    1.  Guidance and Counseling - Students undergo different challenges whilst at the University College. On the realization of this fact, the University College through the dean of students’ office provides guiding and counseling services to our students’ case by case. We also invite other specialists to periodically talk to our students on different issues affecting their lives in and out of the University College. 

    2. Games & Sports - Through the office of the dean, we recognize, appreciate and put into practice the individual student skills in different areas. The University also ensures that students'  maintain physical fitness through participating in different gaming activities as indoor & ball games.

    3. Music & Drama among other activities - Students participate in Music & Drama activities to enhance creativity.

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