Turkana University College (TUC) in collaboration with the Rural Electrification & Renewable Energy Corporation (REREC), Kenya Forestry Research Institute(KEFRI) and the County government of Turkana held a tree planting exercise on 9th June 2022 in the University. During the event, members of staff from TUC, KEFRI, REREC & the County Government planted more than 500 trees.

In the endeavor to achieve its vision to becoming a globally esteemed university in teaching, research and outreach, TUC is committed to engaging stakeholder in shared areas of interest for advancement of humanity and sustainable development. TUC takes pride in its collaborating partners who made the tree planting exercise a big success.

The University College is committed to creating awareness through offering environmental courses, exercising re-afforestation by planting trees and promoting research on environmental sustainability.

Speaking during the event, the CEC tourism Losikiria Alexander Flemings emphasized on the importance of tree planting. Otherswho spoke during the event were the Registrar Administration TUC (Dr. Henry Ongori), KEFRI Director (Dr. Joshua Cheboiwo) and REREC CEO (CPA Peter Mbugua).