Masters in Human Evolutionary Biology

Turkana University College is the first Public University to be established in northwestern Kenya, and also the first University in Africa to offer a Master’s program in Human Evolutionary Biology.

In 2018, TBI signed an MOU with Turkana University College (TUC), the first public university established in Turkana County, to create a Master’s program in Human Evolutionary Biology. The program is the first degree program in a paleoscience offered at a Kenyan university, with a goal of providing students with the scientific and technical skills to pursue a career in human origin sciences.

As Kenya is one of the world’s top contributors to the body of evidence for human evolution, this program is a critical step in engaging more Kenyan students, at an advanced level, in the tremendously important scientific heritage of their country. Applicants are able to specialize in areas such as archaeology, human paleontology, and paleoclimate studies.