Registrar Administration The office of the Registrar Administration is under the Division of Administration, Finance and Planning. The Registrar Administration is responsible for general administration, human resources and management of transport section. The major functions of the Registrar Administration are as follows: a) Coordinate training and development programmes of staff in the University College and ensuring their implementations. b) Provide leadership in pursuit of the Mission and Vision as outlined in the Strategic Plan. c) Initiate, coordinate, implement, monitor and evaluate strategic plans. d) Determine equitable monetary and non-monetary remuneration of employees in the University College considering legal and statutory provisions. e) Ensure proper health and safety working conditions of staff of the University College as provided for in applicable laws. f) Ensure smooth and efficient operations of the Personnel, Central and Blue Registries. g) Ensure safe custody and maintenance personnel and other records. h) Ensure industrial peace in the University College by helping in collective bargaining, joint consultations and settlements of disputes. i) Ensure of processing of staff engagement/disengagement is done in accordance with the relevant laws and approved policies. j) Advise University College management on formulation and evaluation of human resource programmes, policies and procedures. k) Provide advice to heads of Departments regarding manpower planning, job analysis, design, recruitment and selection of staff. l) Provide secretariat services to committees of University Management Board and University College Academic Board where applicable; and m) Exercise such other powers, perform such other duties, and discharge such other official functions as are assigned to him/her by the Principal/Deputy Principal/authorized officer. or are prescribed by the policies and regulations of the University College.