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Dr. Peter Edome

Ag. Dean School of Science & Technology

E-mail: pedome@tuc.ac.ke

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The School of Science and Technology recognizes the central role of Science and Technology in the overall industrialization and social transformation of our country.  Consequently, the school plays a critical role by providing quality education based on modern scientific teaching approaches and to produce high level professional graduates to address societal challenges affecting humanity. As a school, we strive to be on the leading cutting edge in terms of teaching, research and consultancies, collaborations and linkages both locally and internationally.

The school has two teaching departments each headed by a Head of Department (HoD)/ or a Chairman of Department (CoD). The two departments are as follows:

  1. Department of Biological and Physical Sciences
  2. Department of Renewable Energy and Technology

The School offers the following certificates, diploma and degree programs:


  1. Certificate in Community Health                                                                  
  2. Certificate in Health Records with Information Technology

        Minimum Requirements

        Mean grade of D+ (plus) in KCSE OR the relevant artisan Course


  1. Diploma in Community Health
  2. Diploma in Environmental Health
  3. Diploma in Health Records with Information Technology
  4. Diploma in Fisheries Management and Aquatic Sciences
  5. Diploma in Dryland Agriculture

          Minimum Requirements

          Mean grade of C minus in KCSE OR the relevant Certificate Course in a related field.

  1. Diploma in General Agriculture
  2. Diploma in Information Technology                                                            
  3. Diploma in Water Technology                                                          
  4. Diploma in Petroleum and Gas Technology

         Minimum Requirements

        Mean grade of C Plain in KCSE OR the relevant Certificate Course in a related field.


1. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science                                                      

2. Bachelor of Science in Community Health and Development                                         

3. Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Conservation  

4. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Extension                             

5. Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy and Technology                                             

6. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management

         Minimum Requirements

Mean grade of C+ (Plus) in KCSE OR a Diploma in the relevant area of study.


1. Master of Science in Public Health                                       

2. Master of Science in Human Evolution Biology                                                       

          Minimum Requirements

Bachelors Degree with 2nd  Class Honors, Upper Division in the relevant field OR of 

Bachelors Degree with 2nd  Class Honors, Lower Division in the relevant field with two years working experience from a recognized institution