The post-COVID-19 times indicate an elevated stress levels across persons. Learners have
experienced strenuous moments that has negatively impacted their coping abilities and skills. In
response, Turkana University College has invested in training students as psychosocial first aid
response. Their role mainly being identifier, competent support and agents of referral for
comprehensive psychotherapeutic support.

The Ag. Principal (Prof. George N. Chemining’wa) on the 21st of January 2022 certified 15
students as Skilled Peer Counselors expanding the capacity of the Counseling Department in
response to the ravaging mental illnesses current being experienced. Tooled with Basic
Counseling Skill I & II, the students are equipped with knowledge and skills to:
(i) Promote positive influence among their fellow students through modeling; with guidance
from the counselor.
(ii) Provide positive reinforcement among students by building self-confidence.
(iii) Classroom peers can be confederates or resources in specific interventions.
(iv) Identify fellow students with special needs.
(v) Provide referral services as required for counseling on alternative issues.