Turkana University College facilitated an informative research conference which was held on Thursday, 26th May, 2022. Participants from all parts of the world joined the conference. The presenters were able to share on various scholarly research findings.


The keynote speaker of the conference was Prof. Ruth Wanjau form the Department of Pure and Applied Sciences, Kenyatta University. Prof. Wanjau delivered an insightful speech entitled “Revolutionizing Research and Innovation for Economic Growth”.

Prof. Wanjau urged all to be objective in perspective and come up with research that works for the good of mankind. She said that research can be used either positively or negatively and urged the researchers to engage in positive research. She emphasized that research in science and innovation sets the pace for economic growth and development and should have the component of reduction of inequalities within the society.  


The guest speaker was prof. Joseph P. Onyango Gweyi. from the Department of Agricultural Science and Technology, Kenyatta University. He delivered a captivating speech entitled “Aligning Research and Innovation in Response to Donor Funding, the South-North Leaning Dilemma”.

Prof. Gweyi commended Turkana University College for having become an element of envy to many in the scientific world despite being a young institution. He urged researchers to utilize internal grant to boost research and innovation in the institution. In addition to the internal funds, Prof. Gweyi advised researchers to broaden collaborations and source for more funding in order to carry out development oriented research.

Researchers were encouraged to use a multidisciplinary approach in research and innovation in the production of knowledge through the engagement of all actors and stakeholders