what is counseling and Psychotherapy?

“Counseling and Psychotherapy are contractual Helping Services (relationship) which legally bids a professionally trained therapist / counselor to meet a counselee/patient / client in privacy and confidence while exploring the distress/issues/problem a counselee may be experiencing.” This helping service is a structured process that communicates human dignity and value in focusing on the problem.

What is the Goal(s) of Counseling

The principal goals of counseling are based on the Subjective Well-Being or Happiness of the counselee/Patient.

  1. Problem Management and opportunity Development
  2. Helping the counselee become more effective at managing their lives
  3. Counseling/Helping is a learning process

How does Counseling and Psychotherapy benefit a counselee?

The Subjective Well-Being / Happiness of the counselee is an important goal. The Counseling process benefits the counselee in: -

  1. Acquiring appropriate life skills
  2. Gaining insight/awareness while increasing capacity to take rational control
  3. Acquiring skills and knowledge that facilitate behavior change.
  4. Resolving conflicting self and develop towards holism
  5. Exploring appropriate social skills as an integral member of the community
  6. Improving communication and decision making skills for happiness.
  7. Beginning a journey of self-discovery for self-actualization/becoming the best of themselves.

Who Needs Counseling and Psychotherapy?

In response to this question we require to assess ourselves to realize occasions anyone has experienced feeling such as: confused, unsure, perplexed, disoriented, bewildered, anxious, overly excited, stressed/depressed etc. All/anyone needs help, support and secure space to ventilate/ talk, reflect and explore particular growth areas of their life. Therefore an overly excited (manic) happy person need counseling in a similar fashion as an addict, paranoid, depressed, unsettled, short tempered, ill, or bereaved person. Everyone needs psychosocial support, a shoulder to lean on.

Is counseling important within a learning institution?

The student life is getting complex day by day. Guidance and counselling is needed to help the students for optimum achievement and adequate adjustment in the varied life situations. Need analysis of the students in the schools shows the need for guidance and counselling services, in the education, career, profession, vocation, social/relationships, health, moral, personal and family/ marital areas.
The general public tends to view counselling as a remedial function and emphasizes immediate goals, such as problem solution, tension reduction and the like. Counselee may refer to the resolution of a particular conflict or problem situation. Counselling in its spirit and essence is generative; it aims at assisting the individual to develop such that he becomes psychologically mature and is capable at realizing his/her potentialities optimally. The university college counselling needs a meaningful, realistic, practical frame of reference consistent with the institution’s learning schedule.

How do I access Counseling?

Counseling and Psychotherapy are planned helping services hence requiring a private and confidential environment that assure respect and dignity. Turkana University College offers a modern parlor with a Kenya Psychological Association’s certified professional. Registered Students can visit the student Centre for individual or group sessions or book through mobile contact within the office hours.