Turkana University College joins other partners in marking 2023 World AIDS Day

Turkana University College (TUC) was a key partner in the 2023 World AIDS Day celebrations held on 1st December 2023 at Moi Gardens, Lodwar. The World AIDS Day is marked worldwide every year to reaffirm commitment to eradicating HIV/AIDS as a public health threat and to pay tribute to those who have died due to AIDS-related illnesses. The 2023 World AIDS Day theme, 'Let Communities Lead', emphasized the importance of supporting communities to take a central role in HIV response. Turkana County identified the Adolescents and Young peoples (AYPs) population as their community of interest as they contribute to over 62% of new infections witnessed in 2023, an increase from 42% recorded in 2022.

world aids day

                                                          Turkana University students and other stakeholders matching in Lodwar Town on 1st December, 2023 

                                                            during the World AIDS Day Celebrations

As part of the contribution in marking the World AIDS Day 2023, Turkana University College provided financial and logistical support towards the organization of the event. TUC was honoured to have one of the staff members from the School of Science & Technology, Mr. Daniel Mutiso as part of the planning committee for the 2023 World AIDS Day. Besides, a section of TUC students were invited to perform in the events preceding the celebrations and on the main event 1st of December. The performances which included modern dance, narrative, spoken word and a scripted play were aligned to the day’s theme and were mostly targeted at youths to help curb the spread of HIV among this target group.

The World AIDS Day celebrations were preceded by various activities including a colour festival held on 25th November, launching of a Youth Friendly Centre at Nabulon, Lodwar and roadshows held on 30th November, 2023. The TUC students were also engaged in the various activities which were geared towards HIV prevention and addressing the triple threat challenge of new HIV infections; teenage pregnancies, sexual and gender-based violence among adolescents and young people. The students took part in educating youths, distribution of condoms and self-test kits for HIV screening. In recognition of their role in creating awareness on HIV/AIDS among fellow youths, one of TUC students has been incorporated to be part of the Turkana County HIV/AIDS Committee as a student representative. TUC was recognized and highly appreciated for the generous support towards making the event successful.