Why Study at TUC

1. The University College thrives in an environment that fosters technology, innovation creativity and research.

2. The University College offers its students quality academic and career education to meet individual and societal needs. The University College overall goal is to train career minded individuals by offering education that produces skilled, disciplined, honest and innovative workers through its programmes.

3. Research and Development: Turkana University College prioritizes scientific research, technology and innovation as the key drivers for economic growth, solutions to socio-economic problems and poverty reduction.

4. Academic resources: The University College has experienced and qualified staff, well equipped Library, Laboratory and ICT facilities with easy access to Wi-Fi internet and other academic resources.

5. Student Welfare Support: The University College has established accommodation facilities, sports fields in-door games and other recreational facilities.

6. Course completion time: Students are able to complete their academic programmes course within the stipulated time. Students’ academic progress is closely monitored and evaluated on a regular basis.

7. Flexible study options: Flexible modes of learning, which includes full- time, part- time, weekends, Online and Distance Learning.

8. Security: There is enhanced security in the University College and its environs

9. Community Service/Engagements: Turkana University College is committed to carrying out corporate social responsibility (CSR) based actives that add value to the community.

10. Multicultural diversity: The University College recognizes the diversity of its students’ population and develops talents through organizing cultural events.

11. Career Placement: The University College is committed to producing highly skilled individuals to fit the Job market.

12. Academic exchanges: Students benefits from academic exchanges with local and international tertiary institutions.