Administration & Finance Division

Deputy Principal, Administration Finance & Planning
Prof. George Muthaa

Deputy Principal, Administration Finance & Planning 

Prof. George Muthaa

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The Deputy Principal in charge of Administration, Planning and Finance shall be the Head of the Administration, Finance and Planning Division in the University College. He shall be responsible for all Human Resource, Administrative matters, Planning, Performance Contracting and infrastructural development. He/She shall be the Head of the Finance Division and shall be responsible for all financial matters.

Responsibilities of the Deputy Principal (A,F&P)

According to Turkana University College STATUTE IX, the Deputy Principal (A, F&P), under the general direction of the Principal, has the following responsibilities:

1. Overall responsibility of direction, organization and administration of the Division of Administration, Finance & Planning;

2. Effectively co-ordinate the Administration, Finance & Development functions in the University College;

3. Be responsible to the Principal for the management of personnel and personnel matters, and the general conduct and discipline of staff;

4. Ensure the University College Management is properly and promptly advised to comply with all statutory and legal requirements currently in force;

5. Ensure effective accountability to the Principal for the proper management of the University;

6. Ensure sound financial controls;

7. Ensure timely preparation and implementation of the University’s budget estimates and operational budget;

8. Guide in strategic planning in education development; and

9. Work with the Deputy Principal (A&SA) to promote learning, teaching, research and development in the University College.

The Departments under the jurisdiction of the Deputy Principal (A F &P) are: Human Resource, Finance, Legal Office, Medical, Transport, Farm, Estates/ Maintenance, Information and Communication Technology Centre, and Planning and Performance Contracting.