Academic & Student Affair Division

Deputy Principal Academic and Student Affairs
Deputy Principal Academic and Student Affairs
Prof. Dr. Fredrick N. Kassilly
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Office of Deputy Principal, Academics & Student Affairs The Deputy Principal, in charge of Academics and Student Affairs, is the head of the Academic and Student Affairs Division and is responsible for all academic and student welfare matters of the University College including co-curricular activities and the student organization leadership. Working under the general direction of the Principal, the duties and responsibilities of the office holder include:

(i) Having overall responsibility of direction, organization of learning, research and student affairs programmes in the University College

(ii) Reviewing and developing academic programmes as well as rules and regulations governing the implementation of approved/accredited academic programmes

(iii) Formulating guidelines for effective management, implementation and evaluation of academic programmes

(iv) Coordinating the teaching and research and providing the necessary support needed by all academic programmes offered by the University College

(v) Being responsible for promoting and coordinating research, scientific publications, innovations, extension, outreach activities and technology transfer

(vi) Being responsible for on-campus accommodation facilities for students

(vii) Mobilizing and soliciting financial support for research and other programmes in the University College

(viii) Maintaining collaborations and linkages with both local and international institutions of higher learning, research institutions, industry and other strategic partners

(ix) Coordination of student welfare activities (games, drama, sports, clubs, choir etc.)

(x) Overseeing and ensuring general conduct and discipline of students (xi) Guiding Chairpersons of Academic Departments , Deans of Schools and Director of Research, Extension and Consultancy on running of academic and research programmes

(xii) Coordination of workshops, seminars, conferences and symposia (xiii) Liaising with Deputy Principal (Administration, Finance and Planning) on academic staff recruitment, development and training.

(xiv) Overseeing affairs of the student organization including election, induction and training of student leaders.

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