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The School of Science and Technology recognizes the central role of Science and Technology in the overall industrialization and social transformation of our country.  Consequently, the school plays a critical role by providing quality education based on modern scientific teaching approaches and to produce high level professional graduates to address societal challenges affecting humanity. As a school, we strive to be on the leading cutting edge in terms of teaching, research and consultancies, collaborations and linkages both locally and internationally.

The school has two teaching departments each headed by a Chairman of Department (CoD). The two departments are as follows:

  1. Department of Biological and Physical Sciences
  2. Department of Renewable Energy and Technology


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This is one of the three schools at Turkana University College, the school has seven (7) full time lecturers namely:

  1. Dr Peter Edome- PhD Botany (Molecular genetics)-Dean of School
  2. Mr. James Ndiritu- M.Sc (Environmental/Physical)
  3. Mr Jeremiah Onunga (M.Sc IT)
  4. Ms Rency Chebet- ( Applied Mathematics)
  5. Mr Evans Lomodei- (M.Sc Marine Biology and Aquatic Sciences)
  6. Mr Kenneth Sirma- (M.Sc Theoretical Physics)
  7. Mr Daniel Mutiso- ( Public Health)

In addition the school relies partially on part-time lecturers to teach a few of its units

We also have two full time technologists namely:

  1. Mr Joe Rateng- senior technician and in charge of Biology practicals
  2. Mr Paul Munene-  In charge of Chemistry & Physics

Office assistant- Brenda Murunga- Office Assistant

The school currently has nine (9) academic programmes: 1 (one) Masters programme, 3 (three) bachelor’s programmes, 3 (three) diploma programmes and 1 (one) certificate programme. These include:

  1. Master of Science in Evolutionary Biology
  2. Bachelor of science in Environmental science
  3. Bachelor of science in community health and development
  4. Bachelor of science in Renewable energy and technology
  5. Diploma in community health and development
  6. Diploma in Agriculture
  7. Diploma in Information Technology
  8. Diploma in Water Technology
  9. Certificate in Community Health and Development

The school has two departments namely:

  1. Department of biological & Physical Sciences – The Department is headed by Mr. James Ndiritu and houses the following programmes:
  1. Master of Science in Evolutionary Biology
  2. Bachelor of Science in Environmental science
  3. Bachelor of Science in Community Health and Development
  4. Diploma in Community Health and Development
  5. Diploma in Agriculture
  6. Certificate in Community Health and Development

Plans are under way to start new programmes in the next academic year 2021/22 such as Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources, Bachelor of Science in Dry Land Agriculture, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Extension

  • Department of Renewable Energy & Technology – The Department is headed by Mr. Jeremiah Onunga  Osinda and houses the following programmes:
  1. Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy and Technology
  2. Diploma in Information Technology
  3. Diploma in Water Technology

Plans are at advanced stage to start new programmes such as Diploma in Health Records and Technology, Certificate in Health Records and Technology among others

Science laboratories

We have a science laboratory for performing basic practicals in Biology, Chemistry & Physics. Plans are under way to construct a modern laboratory to pave way for more practical work and to accommodate the growing student numbers.

Career paths/Opportunities

  1. Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)
  2. Environmental Engineers
  3. Environmental Impact Assessment Officers
  4. Consultancy Serveices in Private Sector
  5. Academia
  6. Researchers in Environmental Issues

II         Bachelor/Diploma/Certificate in Community Health & Development

  1. Community Health Extension Workers
  2. Health Educators and Promoters
  3. Environmental/Public Health Specialists
  4. Epidemiologists
  5. Reproductive Health Workers
  6. Health Researchers /Scholars
  7. HIV Testing and Counselors
  8. Health Care Managers

III        Diploma in IT

  1. Systems Administrator
  2. Software Engineer
  3. Network Administrator
  4. Computer Technologist/technician
  5. Database Administrator
  6. Computer Architecture
  7. ICT Officer
  8. Software Programmer

IV        Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy & Technology

There are wide variety of professions available in renewable energy industry, jobs such as those in communications, community outreach, sales and marketing, co-operate planning, information technology, research centers e.t.c.

Other Jobs are specific to individual renewable energy technologies. We can catergorize these jobs in form of

  1. Jobs in Wind power:- new wind projects require people with business, metrological and engineering experience to plan and build projects. Construction workers are needed to build the wind plant and also maintain the wind plant. Both industry and research laboratories constantly try to improve the design and efficiency of wind turbines.
  2. Jobs in Solar power:- growing demand from for green energy source like solar energy has created a high-wage skilled jobs throughout the country for individuals with renewable energy skills.
  3. Jobs in Bioenergy:- Specialists are needed in the construction and design of bioenergy plants. Also there skills and knowledge is required in the research of biomass to increase the effectiveness of bioenergy plants.
  4. Jobs in Geothermal:- Geothermal industry employs both skilled and those with professional degrees.
  5. Jobs in Hydropower:- Maintanance, construction and designing of hydropower plants require experts, also the managing of the reservoir and sorrounding land requires recreation planers, resource managers and educators.

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